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Thanks to the efforts of many people, we’ve already gone a long way in the making of this documentary! We have just opened a crowdfunding project to get the final push we need to finish it.

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Humans and Bats is a 50-minute documentary which gives a worldwide observation of an animal group that seldom leaves human societies indifferent and bears witness to the complex relations between humans and nature. Having learned about their variety, enigmatic life and global distribution allows us to tackle the need to preserve nature.

So far we have gathered the necessary footage about bat hospitals in Australia, the conflicts between vampires and farmers and their importance as pollinators in Mexico’s agriculture, the striking contrast between traditional bat consumption and bat adoration in Indonesia, and bat tourism and bats as pest controllers in Texas (USA). There are still two filming expeditions left: the impact of the largest gathering of flying foxes on Earth on human populations in Zambia, and the guano international business in Vietnam.

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